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Course fees

The total course fee will depend on whether you choose the Beginner Pathway* or the Experienced Practitioner Pathway** for Part 1.

The Beginner Pathway features provided patients

The following fees apply to the 2024-2025 academic year.

PART 1 - 12 months (part time)

Beginner Pathway*:  £8,500 +VAT

Experienced Practitioner Pathway**:  £6,500 +VAT



PART 2  - 12 months (part time)

£15,000 (no VAT)

Part 1 tuition fees are payable to the Academy and can be spread over 10 monthly instalments***

Part 2 tuition fees are payable to Aston University and can be spread over 3 instalments, made at the start of each term.

Part 1 is delivered by the Academy and accredited by EduQual

Part 2 is delivered by the Academy in collaboration with Aston University.

* The Beginner Pathway with Provided Patients is only available to UK dentists.  International dentists must be on the Experienced Practitioner Pathway

** The Experienced Practitioner Pathway only available to experienced implant dentists, who have independently treated a minimum of 20 full implant cases and have at least 2 years experience in dental implantology.  This option is available to experienced  implant dentists in the UK and internationally.  On this pathway, case reports must be submitted for 6 implant cases before the last day of Year 1 (30 June 2025)

*** A UK bank account is required for the 10 month instalment scheme in Part 1

A grade of 60% or more is required in all modules of the Part 1 program to allow continuation into Part 2

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