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MSc in Advanced Dental Implantology

The Master of Science degree in Advanced Dental Implantology is a Level 7 postgraduate qualification awarded by Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom. 


The qualification is aligned with the United Kingdom's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), permitting use of the postnominals MSc (Dent Imp) 

Two pathways are available:  the Beginners Pathway* (with provided patients) and the Experienced Practitioner Pathway**

The MSc is completed via a 2 year (part time) blended learning programme.  The first year of the pathway (Part 1) is delivered by the Academy.  The second year of the pathway (Part 2) is delivered by the Academy in collaboration with Aston University.

The programme includes hands-on practical skills training in foundation surgical skills (Part 1) and advanced surgical skills (Part 2).

Patients are provided for the delegates on the Beginner Pathway in Part 1.




90 credits

TERM 1 (September  - December)

Start date:  23rd September 2024

Module 1:  Patient Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 2:  Preclinical Practical Skills Week (5 day contact class in Cambridge). 15 credits

Module 3:  Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion (online delivery). 15 credits

TERM 2 (January - March)

Module 4.  Basic Sciences Related to Implant Dentistry  (online delivery).  15 credits

Module 5:  Evidence Based Dentistry (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 6:  Beginner Pathway:  Provided Clinical Cases with various dates *.  15 credits

For Module 6, those on the Experienced Practitioner Pathway submit 6 Case Reports of treament that has been provided to their own patients.



90 credits

Starts September 2025

Advanced Practical Skills Week (in-person attendance):

- Guided Bone Regeneration

- Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in dentistry

- Sinus augmentation surgery

- Piezosurgery

- CBCT Interpretation & reporting (Level 2)

Module D14ARM:  Research Skills (online delivery plus 2 online contact classes). 30 credits

Module D14OPR:  Research project and dissertation.  60 credits

* The Beginner Pathway with Provided Patients is only available to UK dentists.  International dentists must be on the Experienced Practitioner Pathway

** The Experienced Practitioner Pathway is only open to experienced implant dentists, who have independently treated a minimum of 20 full implant cases and have at least 2 years experience in dental implantology.  This option is available to experienced  implant dentists in the UK and internationally.  On this pathway, case reports must be submitted for 6 implant cases before the last day of Year 1 (30 June 2025).  Delegates accepted on the Experienced Practitioner Pathway will be exempt from Module 2 (Preclinical Practical Skills Week) in Part 1.

The exit qualification of PGDip in Implant Dentistry can be awarded if a delegate reaches a pass grade (45%) in Part 1 but does not attain a grade of 60% or more to allow progression into Part 2, or if a delegate decides to withdraw from the course after successfully completing Part 1.  In such circumstances an exit qualification conferment fee of £2,500 + VAT will apply for any exit award applications made up to 1 September 2024.

A grade of 60% or more is required in all modules of the Part 1 program to allow continuation into Part 2

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